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Liquor Store Outer NW Suburb. Great Cashflow!

Asking Price: 

The owners are asking $325,000 for the business which includes approximately $100,000 in equipment/fixtures. Asking price does not including inventory which is estimated at $150,000 at cost.

This successful liquor store is located in the outer NW Suburbs of the Twin Cities and has Great Cashflow! It... Read More

Landscape Business South Metro

Asking Price: 

$180,000 which includes approximately $2,000 in inventory and $128,000 in equipment.

This successful landscape construction Business has been operating in the South and Southwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities for 17... Read More

Welding/Manufacturing Business

Asking Price: 


Welding/Manufacturing business established by the current owner in 1979. The company specializes in welding close tolerance weldments, aluminum, (50%), stainless... Read More