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Liquor Store & Property – One Hour North of Metro

Asking Price: 

The Seller is asking $195,000 for the business which includes approximately $40,000 for equipment/fixtures. Price does not include approximately $120,000 of inventory. Land and Building are for sale at $300,000.

Established 18 years ago, this busy off-sale liquor store is located in central Minnesota with good demographics and near a... Read More

Liquor Store – NE Metro

Asking Price: 


Off sale liquor store established in 1987 and by the current owner since 2019. This store is in a fast-growing... Read More

Gas Station/Convenience Store/Car Wash – East Metro

Asking Price: 

The asking price for the business is $295,000 which includes furniture, fixtures and equipment of approximately $50,000. Inventory estimated at 40,000 is not included. Land and building is for sale at $550,000.

This Gas Station/Convenience Store/Car Wash was established years ago and is located in the East Metro. It includes 4 Pump-Stations... Read More

Liquor Store Outer NW Suburb – Well Established.

Asking Price: 

The owner is asking $198,000 for the business which includes all equipment/fixtures valued at $50,000. Asking price does not include inventory which is estimated at $120,000.

Established about 20 years ago, this Off-Sale Liquor Store is located in in a very busy strip mall in an... Read More