Buy a Business

Our buyers are individuals, as well as companies that want to expand and/or diversify through acquisition.

Starting Off Right With an Established Business

There are many challenges to owning your own business. Getting started right with an established business can save you time and money. The advantages of buying an established business, versus a new franchise or starting from scratch include:

Having an existing customer base •Established location •Advance and historical knowledge of how the business has performed •Trained and knowledgeable employees •Profits from day one!

Contrast this with the high risks of start-up businesses where the difficulties of unknown location, product mix, poor management and poor industry knowledge result in an average three-year failure rate of more than 75%. You owe it to yourself as a business owner to find a business that stands a greater chance for success!

Profitable Businesses are Always for Sale

There are always a number of good, profitable businesses for sale. Retirement, illness, death, partnership disputes, relocation, and simple “burn-out” often motivate business owners to sell financially sound businesses.

With an established business, you gain the advantages of ownership with two of the benefits required for all successful businesses already built-in; good location and a proven product or service. The third ingredient for success is management, and that’s where you must make the business work.

The Rewards Are Yours to Achieve

In addition to the challenges of good business management, come many rewards. High on the list is the benefit of controlling your own financial and career destiny. You decide how money is spent, when to work, how the business should be run, and how to keep it growing. In return you achieve job security, financial independence, and a great deal of satisfaction from your increased self-reliance.

Remember — Most successful businesses became so because of hard work by the owner — are you ready for it?

The Financial Benefits Begin Immediately

When you buy an established business from the previous owner, you gain financial advantages right from the start. Your down payment becomes your only real investment because all other costs of the purchase are usually paid by the business through cash flow. In effect, the business buys itself. When you add this to the tax benefits of owning your own business, the purchase of an existing business becomes a very positive financial and professional move.

How The Buying Process Works

After discussing the type of business you are interested in with your OIB representative, you’ll be qualified as to your ability to buy one of the businesses listed for sale with us. When you find a business that interests you, you can tour the business and determine for yourself if it feels right.

When you make an offer, we will build in all the protections and contingencies that you feel are prudent. You are in control of the offer so that your satisfaction and protection are in your own hands.

How We Help The Process

While business brokers do not make decisions for you or manage the businesses, we do provide valuable and timesaving expertise. Your OIB representative has the experience to help you in many ways, including:

Presentation of pertinent information about the business for sale •Education on the process of buying a business •Skilled negotiation •Trimming the red tape •Bridging the gap between you and the seller Assistance in obtaining the appropriate financing

The Next Step Is Yours…

Call Opportunities In Business and find out more about how you can take advantage of the challenges and rewards of owning your business!