Wedding Beauty Coordinator-Remote Business Owner

This award-winning business specializes in beauty and spa services throughout Minnesota, and is currently based in Minneapolis/St. Paul. The owner/coordinator contracts with professional hair and makeup artists (MUA) that tailor to weddings/special events.

The business contracts independent hair stylists/MUAs that travel to the wedding/special events which creates a convenient atmosphere. This business model provides a unique opportunity that will give the new buyer the option to expand into other states as they see fit which could accelerate revenue growth.

The business model boasts a minimal operating budget. Currently, the contracted beauty service providers are compensated on a percentage of overall revenue generated from each special event. They also supply their own products and inventory for the events.

Currently, the owners do not have to provide on-site services themselves, which means the new owner can run the business from the comforts of their home!

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About Charles Durkin

Charles is a family man from Minnesota with a diverse portfolio of professional experience including over two decades in the banking/financial industry, 18 years as a business owner, and over a decade in the real estate industry. Charles has an MBA from Augsburg University, is a current founder/owner of three businesses, and maintains an expansive networking group of business contacts. Charles personally understands business ownership and has proven success with customizing solutions and openly listening to his clients’ concerns and values. He brings an energetic and fresh outlook to the Business Brokerage arena with his tenured integrity, effective transactional knowledge, and strategic experience as your Business Broker. With his extensive knowledge of the financial and real estate sectors, and his commitment to providing the best service possible, Charles is the perfect choice for facilitating your business.

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