Selling a Business

At Opportunities In Business we know that when you decide to sell the business you’ve worked so hard to build, you have questions about how the process works. Since 1981, we have sold hundreds of businesses, of all kinds. We encourage you to get acquainted with your representative. Be sure you understand how the business selling process works, what you can expect from us as well as what we expect from you.

If you are considering selling your business, be sure to download our must-read Primer.

Our Services

Using our industry experience and resources, your OIB representative will provide all the services you need to bring a transaction to a close, including:

  • Confidential consultations
  • Business valuation and market analysis
  • Material and record coordination
  • Cost effective, far reaching exposure
  • Screening and qualification of potential buyers
  • Skilled negotiation
  • All of the details required to close the transaction

The Bottom Line

Selling a business is a difficult undertaking. An owner trying to sell himself or herself may find themselves distracted from his or her most important responsibility, running the business. If the sale isn’t handled properly, the process can damage the business irreparably. What if competitors find out the business is for sale? What about employees? Suppliers? Customers?

We believe experienced, professional expertise is necessary to sell a business. Inexperience can be a terrible handicap in such an important endeavor. For the process to work, potential buyers need to be first identified, then qualified, before any information about the business is disclosed. The buyers need to be followed-up after presentations are made. An owner following a buyer may weaken his or her negotiating strength. A third party, such as a broker, is useful because of their relative objectivity and experience, especially when the process becomes delicate.

A full-time professional business broker with extensive experience, references, a pool of qualified buyers, who has the experience and resources to efficiently and effectively sell businesses, working with an owner and his or her advisors is the best combination to sell a business.

At OIB, all of our representatives have owned their own business before becoming business brokers. We have been “in your shoes”. We understand your concerns and your goals.

If you are considering selling your business, call Opportunities In Business for a confidential (no cost or obligation) appointment and interview. We will explain our services, our commission, what your business is worth and if we feel we can help you.