Successful Skincare Company Seeks Equity Partner

Skincare Company is a leading provider of innovative skincare solutions, dedicated to enhancing health and beauty through advanced formulations and plant-based ingredients. With a commitment to scientific research and customer satisfaction, the company offers a comprehensive range of natural skincare solutions including cleansers, moisturizers, salves, and pain relief treatments tailored to meet diverse skincare needs in a $4.6 billion USA Plant-Based Cosmetics Market. Their products are developed under strict quality standards to ensure efficacy and safety, catering to a global market seeking reliable and sustainable skincare solutions.  The company strives to empower individuals with confidence through healthy, radiant skin, setting industry benchmarks for excellence and innovation in skincare. The founders of the company recently re-acquired it from a publicly held foreign entity, who held it for just two years. They are seeking to re-establish the excellent growth the company had under their previous ownership.

The owners are seeking an investment of $500,000, which includes 4.99% equity and an 18-month loan term with an option to convert.

A full Investor Deck is available to interested, qualified parties upon receipt of an executed NDA and financial profile.

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