Niche Food Market Wholesaler for Sale

This Business is an established, profitable, niche market food wholesaler.  The company provides farm to consumer goods in the Twin Cities area.  The sellers founded the company in in 2008 and have a database of 4,000 past clients and 1,900 active clients.  The company has contracts with local farmers who ship the product to a processing plant which delivers to the Company’s retail location.  The contracted farmers can produce enough product to grow the Company’s revenue by six times.  Extensive investment into mobile application and website development has created most of the sales as well as one festival appearance annually.  The opportunities for growth are substantial.  Both of the owners have other jobs, and have built the business in their spare time.  The sellers only work 4 hours per week in the retail location during customer pickup hours, and an average of 5 hours per week in marketing / customer service.

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