Industrial Products Distribution Company for Sale in MN

This Company is an established B2B Distributor of industrial products located in the North metro of the Twin Cities, Minnesota. With over 45 of experience, they have built a reputation for reliability, customer service excellence, and unmatched industry expertise.  They inventory and drop-ship their product offerings particular to their clients’ needs which creates a great deal of convenience for their clients and repeat business.  The Company has a solid foothold in the industrial products distribution market and enjoys long-standing relationships with leading manufacturers.  Their extensive network allows them to offer a broad range of products, meeting the diverse needs of their customers.  90% of all purchase orders are received via email and through their website, allowing for efficient processing and fulfillment.

The Owner currently operates the business himself, handling inside sales and fulfillment.  A fulltime employee who historically ran the business alongside the Seller left the Company at the end of the year and his wages have been added into the historical earnings since it is not an ongoing expense.  It is understood that a new owner will most likely replace the wages of the former employee and the asking price takes that into consideration.  No accounts were lost with the departure.

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About Mac Thelen

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