Distribution of unconventional gift products

Type of Business:  Unconventional gift products. Included in the asset sale is:

  1. Inventory is valued at approximately $300,000.
  2. Factory contact information and relationship introduction for product re-orders.
  3. IP on the active inventory.
  4. Established selling platforms for the Brand:
    1. Amazon
      1. Brand stores and listings are created and live with variations, keywords, and ad campaigns that can be transferred.
      2. Over 10k 4.4+ star reviews (out of 5) across all listings that would transfer in the sale.
  • “Amazon Choice” on many items due to positive reviews.
  1. $3.4 Million in revenue generated since 2019.
  1. The Shopify website is active and will be transferred.
  2. Established Retail buyer relationship introductions:
    1. Target Domestic and International
    2. Kohl’s
  • Duluth Trading


All products are manufactured in China and/or Vietnam.

Currently serving over 650 retailers located in the US and a few boutique customers from Canada, Germany, Austria, and the UK. (9 SKUs).


Facilities:  Business will need to be moved (basically warehouse space).


Revenue: 2023 revenues were approx. $653,284. Sales for the past three years were $4,660,676,


Reason for Sale:  Other interests.


Future:  The company is well-positioned for future growth and earnings. The company

has developed extremely valuable distribution relationships.


Price/Terms: The seller is asking $575,000 for the assets and relationships listed in this profile, plus all marketing assets, production files, molds, UPC prefixes, and manufacturer transition.


An ideal buyer would be motivated, organized, and have some experience with retail/merchandising imports, and distribution, although no specialized training or licenses are required.

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