Credit Repair Agency –

This is a CREDIT REPAIR agency, Established by the current owner in 2002. The business assists consumers with helping them repair their personal credit score. In addition, the business educates consumers on how to raise their credit scores and what is negatively affecting them. You can get your credit repaired on site here.

The agency charges a monthly fee until their customer’s credit score reaches to the credit score it needs to be achieved. This service is important for consumer buying homes or if they were victims of identity theft. Currently there are 121 active clients, 22 prospective clients and 2010 old clients.

Referrals to this business come from mainly Mortgage Bankers and Realtors

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About Peggy Scheeler

Peggy Scheeler has been with Opportunities in Business for 30 years and has sold more than 450 businesses in all industries. She represents each and every client with honesty and integrity, and she uses her experience and expertise to confidently guide her clients through the process. Peggy understands the need for discretion and confidentiality for all her clients. She has sold businesses in every industry, including service businesses, manufacturing, and retail. As a result, she has built an impressive network of satisfied clients representing a myriad of industries who happily refer her to people they know who are looking to buy or sell a business. And, after more than 30 years as a business broker, Peggy is as excited as ever about her career. She looks forward to continuing to establish relationships with buyers, sellers and financing organizations, and to represent buyers and sellers who are looking to purchase or sell a business.

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