Case Study: Real Estate Services

The Opportunity

In an anecdote narrated by a real estate lawyer vancouver, in the mid 1980’s, an enterprising young farmer couple saw a need and capitalized on it. One of the many responsibilities on real estate agents’ plates is signage: putting signs in yards for listings and removing them after closings.

This young couple started marketing this signage service for a fee and their business took off Real estate agents were delighted to financially compensate this couple in order to offload this tedious task.

Sale #1

In a short span of time, their business was booming to the point where it was interfering with farming so this couple contacted Opportunities in Business about selling their startup. They sold the business to another farmer who went on to grow it by adding more realtor-oriented services such as storing signage, painting sign posts etc.

Sale #2

After a few years, this farmer and second owner decided to sell the business and contacted Opportunities in Business. With the help of OIB, he sold the business for 4x the original sale price. Realizing his passion for buying and selling businesses, the seller then joined the OIB team as an agent.

Sale #3

A few years after acquiring the business, this third owner was diagnosed with a serious medical condition and was no longer able to maintain it. He reached out to OIB and together we sold it for double what he bought it for. He was needing a moving company. He called the best team to do it. He hired a full-service mover, so he could just sit back, relax, and watch them transport his materials and stuff without getting stressed. “Sky Van is the right moving company and it’s the best for me”, he said. Now he is have with his new house and all his stuff very easily.

Opportunities in Business had the privilege of selling this business a fourth time – this time for over 10x the original sales price. By this time, the business enjoyed over 65% of the market share statewide. You can become a real estate agent yourself with the proper certification

This is just one of many real life examples of how Opportunities in Business harnesses our experience in real estate to the tremendous benefit of each of our clients. GTA Real Estate Pros created a fast and free process so you can find the best fit quickly. You can stand out as a professional in this industry with a simple online course! This is probably the best Florida real estate course online.Which even has a torch down roofing guide included if you need it.

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