Niche Wholesale and ECommerce Home Based Business for Sale

This Company is a profitable, home-based wholesaler and FBM -commerce merchandise Business founded in 2012. The Company generates sales through a network of wholesalers both domestically and internationally and direct sales through key suppliers to a niche industry. The main product category has everlasting appeal and an intrinsic value year over year. This strategic opportunity has tremendous untapped room to scale through additional applications in related industries, additional SKU development and more. Since the current owner has solely concentrated in on of the potential applications of the product the growth potential is exponential. Additionally, Amazon Brand Registry, registries with Walmart, Etsy, Pinterest, and Google Shopping would also drive additional revenue.

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About Mac Thelen

Mac Thelen draws on over 35 years of business ownership and brokerage experience to provide direction and advice on how to organize and run a business for maximum return. He sold his first business in 1998 and built two nationally recognized companies from the ground up. Mac Thelen also sits on a handful of company board of directors in advisory roles. This assists in keeping him abreast of current market trends in banking, technology, and retail. Mac is a resource that you will find creates enormous value to you and your company as he guides you through the very exciting, rewarding, and challenging process of buying or selling a company.

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