NW Metro Dry Cleaner and Laundromat for Sale

 This Business is a Laundromat and Dry Cleaner based in a Northwest Twin Cities Suburb.  The sellers opened the location in 2014 and sales have been steadily increasing excepting for the COVID slowdown on the Dry Cleaning segment of the Business.  The current owner is primarily absentee, and many growth opportunities exist with a more hands on owner.  There is opportunity to grow by adding wash and fold segments to the business within the capacity of the existing infrastructure.   Dry cleaning services have been steady and other drop off locations can be added to greatly increase revenues.   There are high density housing developments near the location and others under construction.  Partnering with these associations would realize additional growth.  A commercial laundry drop service could also be added.   The Laundromat portion of the Business has been very busy and the Sellers are adding additional equipment to keep up with Demand.  The Real Estate is also included in the sale.
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